Monday, February 11, 2008

The NEW Almost Radio

To My Loyal Listeners...

The new and LIVE version of Almost Radio will debut this Wednesday, February the 13th, at 11PM. Barring technical problems, (which are certainly possible), the show will go out live, then, (Eastern Standard time.)

To hear me, *(and even call in in you so choose), go to at11pm this wednesday, and clock on the flashing button that says "Listen live". You will then hearme, in real time, doing the show. (In Pretty much the same cheerful and inspiring fashion as I have done here at this website.)

If you cannot listen live, go to the exact same website some time after the show, and you can hear a streaming recording of the episode.

So if you have listened to me from the start of this website, or just happened to stumble across me now, join me this wednesday for the launch of something new, yet old.

"Aliud et idem.....

Sunday, February 3, 2008

"Final Webisode..." (Change of Address, Super Bowl 42,, Resume)

Click here for the latest webisode!

Please note that in all likelihood this will be the last new webisode of Almost Radio here at this address. I will be moving the show to a LIVE format in the coming week or so. Details can be found on this weeks webisode, so go ahead and click on that to learn more. Keep coming here for text updates, as needed.